About Me


Hello, My name is Wang, Zihao (王子豪). I’m Chinese, from the city of Anshan in the province of Liaoning. (Google Maps)

Winston is my nickname.

Starting from March 27, 2017, I’m doing an internship at Light.co.

I’m a PhD student in Computer Science at Northwestern University (2015-). My advisor is Prof. Oliver Cossairt. I work in the field of computational imaging, computational optics, some computer vision/graphics and some color science.

Before joining Northwestern, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Optics at Zhejiang University. I joined Chu Ko-chen Honors College in 2012, where I was lucky to have an academic advisor, Prof. M. Ronnier Luo, and receive a personalized education program. From then on, I started my exploration in the field of color science, especially in surface appearance modeling. In my senior year, I completed my undergrad thesis at 3D Optical Systems Lab supervised by Prof. George Barbastathis at MIT, where I looked into the problem of simulating light propagation using Hamiltonian and Wigner distribution functions.

  • Research: my research progress is sketched in the Research page.
  • Hobbies:

I like traveling and taking photos. The gallery at the top of this page shows some places I visited. Yes, it’s a gallery. Refresh this page and you’ll see another one. 🙂

I like theatric stuff. Watching musicals and theaters have become a habit of mine. I’m also organizing a theater club, Special Interest Group in Chinese Theater, at Northwestern University. It is focusing on Chinese theater. We are seeking for collaborations and sponsorship. Follow us on WeChat: sigtheater