About Me


Hello, My name is Wang, Zihao (王子豪). I’m Chinese, from the city of Anshan in the province of Liaoning. (Google Maps)

Winston is my nickname.

I finished my internship (Computational Imaging research team – camera calibration) at Light.co from late March to mid August, 2017.

I’m a PhD student in Computer Science at Northwestern University (2015-). My advisor is Prof. Oliver Cossairt. I work in the field of computational imaging, computational optics, some computer vision/graphics and some color science.

Before joining Northwestern, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Optics at Zhejiang University. I joined Chu Ko-chen Honors College in 2012, where I was lucky to have an academic advisor, Prof. M. Ronnier Luo, and receive a personalized education program. From then on, I started my exploration in the field of color science, especially in surface appearance modeling. In my senior year, I completed my undergrad thesis at 3D Optical Systems Lab supervised by Prof. George Barbastathis at MIT, where I looked into the problem of simulating light propagation using Hamiltonian and Wigner distribution functions.

  • Research: my research progress is sketched in the Research page.
  • Hobbies:

I like traveling and taking photos. The gallery at the top of this page shows some places I visited. Yes, it’s a gallery. Refresh this page and you’ll see another one. 🙂

I like theatric stuff. Watching musicals and theaters have become a habit of mine. I’m also organizing a theater club, Special Interest Group in Chinese Theater, at Northwestern University. It is focusing on Chinese theater. We are seeking for collaborations and sponsorship. Follow us on WeChat: sigtheater